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Shark Toy RC Shark Shark Toy Multifunctional Robot Shark RC Shark Robot Toy

Shark Toy RC Shark Shark Toy Multifunctional Robot Shark RC Shark Robot Toy

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Product Features:
[Improved version robot shark] This is a very cool children's toy, suitable for playing in a variety of water. Remote control via 2.4G remote control is very convenient. Sharks can perform many actions underwater: they can turn left, turn right, move forward and backward.

[Please read before use]: 1. First, turn on the switch button on the bottom of the boat and the remote control switch button. 2.The bottom of the remote control boat is equipped with a water surface sensor, and it will automatically start when the hull touches the water surface, and the boat will start working normally. When the boat leaves the water, it will automatically stop and the propeller will stop rotating. 3.You need to put batteries into the remote control before use. The remote control requires 2 AAA batteries.

[Rechargeable Battery] The machine shark uses a rechargeable battery and charged using the USB interface. There is no need to replace batteries frequently, and it is environmentally friendly. The battery will be full in about 60 minutes, and the discharge time will be about 20 minutes. The remote control has an energy-saving design, so you can use two AA batteries for a long time.

[Made of waterproof material] This machine shark is made of waterproof material and can be played in various sea areas. The battery compartment is sealed, so there is no need to worry about water getting in.

[Safe and durable material]: The RC speed boat adopts non-toxic and environmentally friendly durable ABS material, which is impact resistant and anti-collision, allowing children to play freely and safely.
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