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PS VR2 case PSVR2 compatible protective case storage bag

PS VR2 case PSVR2 compatible protective case storage bag

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Product Features:
◇[Compatible models] Storage case for PS VR2. Perfectly accommodates and protects your PS VR2 equipment without worrying about it being damaged or dropped. (Please note: *VR body and accessories are not included)

◇【High Quality】The PSVR2 protective case is made of earthquake-proof, scratch-proof and waterproof EVA material, which has ultra-high durability and can effectively absorb vibration and reduce damage caused by unexpected collisions. Flexible protective lining can effectively protect your equipment from scratches.

◇【Excellent Storage Capacity】The PSVR2 storage bag has a special space design, making it easy to store PSVR2 VR devices, and if you have needs such as travel or business trips, it is sufficient as a storage bag for small luggage. .

◇ [Easy to carry] The PSVR2 case is lightweight, has ample storage capacity, can store small items, and has a design for luggage, making it convenient to carry.
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