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Laptop Cooling Pad Peltier Device Laptop Cooling Stand Aluminum Alloy iPad Cooling Stand Laptop Cooler Low Noise

Laptop Cooling Pad Peltier Device Laptop Cooling Stand Aluminum Alloy iPad Cooling Stand Laptop Cooler Low Noise

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Product Features:
◇ [Beltier Element Cooling/Instant Cooling in 3 Seconds] The notebook PC cooler uses semiconductor Veltier element cooling technology, and the cooling sheet cools down quickly and cools down by applying the sheet directly to the laptop. Instantly blow away the heat from your laptop! Cooling up to 15° is also possible! The cooling cooler can be adjusted to a total of 6 positions. You can use it comfortably without blocking the intake and exhaust ports of your notebook PC! Great for preventing heat runaway on laptops/smartphones during long periods of use or in the summer! Effectively suppresses computer CPU temperature and improves PC failure due to heat, extending the life of the PC.

◇ [Converts into various shapes/Compatible with a wide range of models] Thanks to the structure where the laptop stand and cooling stand are integrated and the angle can be set freely, it can be converted into various shapes and can be used with a variety of devices. When you want to use it for a tablet or smartphone, just stand it up! Can be used not only for laptops, but also for tablets, smartphones, Nintendo Switch, wireless keyboards, and even larger books! It can also be used when charging devices. Just place it on top of the cooler and say goodbye to the heat that often occurs when charging your smartphone!

◇ [High-quality aluminum alloy / USB cable wiring hole included] Unlike commercially available ABS resin stands, this laptop cooling stand is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material with strong heat dissipation, and comes in a luxurious silver color, so you can place it anywhere. You won't feel any discomfort even if you leave it there! It naturally matches your notebook PC ~ The large hole in the center of the PC stand has excellent heat dissipation! It has excellent stability and can withstand up to 5kg. In addition, the holder has a USB cable wiring hole, so you can charge your device (especially your tablet or Switch) while placing it on the stand!

◇ [Stepless angle and altitude adjustment/quiet driving sound] The laptop cooling pad is ergonomically designed, and the angle and altitude can be adjusted steplessly! When using it, use it at the appropriate angle and altitude to easily eliminate discomfort in your neck and lower back caused by long hours of desk work! Reduce the strain on your neck while concentrating on the game! You no longer have to consciously create your posture! This is because the cooling function mainly uses semiconductors. Since the built-in fan mainly acts on semiconductors, it is possible to make the built-in fan noiseless. This is because the cooling function mainly uses semiconductors. The operating noise of the fan is less than 20 dB at maximum, so the impact on the surroundings is minimized, making it ideal for working from home, in the office, or for regular use at home late at night.

◇ [Foldable/Non-slip] Folds to a compact size of 23*13.6*2.5cm, so you can easily fold it, store it, carry it, and go out for a variety of occasions. When not in use, you can fold it and place it next to it so it doesn't get in the way. Comes with anti-slip pads in 16 locations to prevent wobbling while typing and provides excellent stability!
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