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Mug warmer thermal coaster mug warmer temperature adjustment cup heater

Mug warmer thermal coaster mug warmer temperature adjustment cup heater

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Product Features:
◇ [Convenient to carry] Compact size, easy to put in your bag, convenient to store and carry. With 50℃ as the equilibrium point, there will be a temperature difference of 3℃-8℃ due to differences in weather temperature, cup material thickness, capacity, etc., but eventually the equilibrium temperature will be reached and a constant temperature will be maintained. Masu.

◇[Auto-off protection] Automatically turns off for 8 hours for safe use. No need to worry about forgetting to turn off the power. When you turn on the power, the lamp that responds to the button will light up and you will hear a beep.

◇ [3-level temperature adjustment] It is possible to adjust the heater panel in 3 levels: low temperature 70℃, medium temperature 90℃, and high temperature 110℃. It is also equipped with a drinking water alarm, so you can take care of your body even when you are busy.

◇ [Compatible with various cups] Drink your drinks warm. Maintains just the right temperature of 40-55℃. You can use it with your favorite drinks such as coffee, milk, soup, cocoa, and black tea (hot tea). It always maintains the optimum temperature even in the cold morning and evening hours.

◇ [Easy to clean] Even if you accidentally spill a drink on the surface, it will not break easily, reducing the risk. The feature is that it can be used in places where there is no outlet nearby, such as outdoors or inside a vehicle. Power can also be supplied from your PC's port, so you can keep a warm drink nearby even when you're working at your desk.
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