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MacBook Pro 13 inch 2022 MacBook Air M2 13.6 inch MacBook Air 13 inch

MacBook Pro 13 inch 2022 MacBook Air M2 13.6 inch MacBook Air 13 inch

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Product Features:
[Specially designed and transparent]
It's ultra-thin and fits snugly without compromising the design, protecting your precious MacBook from scratches and dirt.
Since it is a clear type with high transparency, it has a luxurious feel and allows you to enjoy the stylish design of your MacBook itself.

[Full protection & high quality materials]
Made of super strong high quality PC material, it is lightweight and durable.
Although it has high impact resistance, it is a material that is resistant to yellowing and stains.
Protects your MacBook from scratches and dirt.

[Easy to install & various terminal holes]
The upper and lower covers are separated and can be used alone. It fits perfectly to the aircraft and can be easily installed and removed.
The ports for various terminals (USB, HDMI, power supply, earphones) are cut out, so you can use them without any problems.

[Heat dissipation design & anti-slip]
There is a heat dissipation slit on the back of the bottom of the case, which allows for good ventilation and heat dissipation.
It is also possible to prevent performance deterioration due to heat.
The rubber foot design on the four corners of the bottom creates a gap between it and the table, making it easier for heat to flow.
The rubber feet create friction with the table, which prevents the main unit from slipping.

Compatible models:
◇2016-2019 model MacBook Pro 13 inch A1706/A1708/A1989/A2159
◇2018-2020 model MacBook Air 13 inch with Touch ID A1932/A2179/A2337
◇2022 model MacBook Air 13.6 inch A2681 M2 chip
*Please check your model and model number before purchasing.
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