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Neck Fan, Neck Fan, No Wings, 3 Levels of Air Volume Adjustment, USB Rechargeable, 360° Wind Transfer, Small

Neck Fan, Neck Fan, No Wings, 3 Levels of Air Volume Adjustment, USB Rechargeable, 360° Wind Transfer, Small

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Product Features:
◇ [Blade-less design] The blades are replaced with turbines, making it safer than traditional neck fans. Even women with long hair don't have to worry about their hair getting caught in the blades. The gap in the air intake port is designed to prevent fingers from entering. Therefore, it can be used safely even during work.

◇ [Wind speed can be adjusted to 3 levels] Can be adjusted to 3 levels: weak wind, medium wind, and strong wind. Silence. You can freely adjust the air volume with easy operation. Low noise, suitable for quiet work, suitable for office or reading.

◇【Astronaut Neck Fan】Astronaut-shaped portable mini fan, cool appearance, the air outlet is installed at the top of the fan, which can blow directly to your face to make you feel cool. The neck fan has a strap that allows you to hang it around your neck to completely free your hands.

◇ [USB rechargeable & 4WAY] Four ways to use it: hanging it around your neck, holding it in your hand, placing it on a tabletop, and as a cool decoration. It has a USB charging feature, so it can be charged from a computer, mobile battery, etc. You don't have to worry about the battery running out quickly even when you're out and about.

◇ [Excellent Durability & Convenient Storage] Made of excellent material ABS resin, it has excellent durability against impact and high temperatures, and is an eco-friendly material that is environmentally friendly. You can use it anytime and anywhere. When the fan is not in use or in cold weather, it can be folded down to a small size and stored neatly without taking up much space.

◇ [Fashionable and suitable for various occasions] Great for use in the hot season, at the office, or when going out! With a fashionable headset-like design, you can comfortably use it at outdoor festivals such as picnics, BBQs, camping, fireworks festivals, when going out, or even while on the move. Having one portable fan is very convenient and will help you spend the summer comfortably.
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