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[15W Rapid Charging] Smartphone Cooling Fan, Rapid Cooling, Magnetic Adsorption Type, Mag-Safe Magnetic Type, Dual Use with Clip

[15W Rapid Charging] Smartphone Cooling Fan, Rapid Cooling, Magnetic Adsorption Type, Mag-Safe Magnetic Type, Dual Use with Clip

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Product Features:
◇ [Convenient wireless charging/15W fast charging] The smartphone cooling fan comes with a wireless charging function, so you can wirelessly charge your smartphone while cooling it, so you can enjoy playing games and watching videos with peace of mind without having to worry about running out of battery. Smartphones can output up to 15W. Up to 1.5 times faster than a regular 5W wireless charger. Reduce charging time and use your free time more effectively. ??Tips: 30W or above PD USB C adapter recommended (adapter not included). If you do not use an adapter with an output of 30W or more, the output will be insufficient and you will not be able to achieve sufficient cooling and quick charging functions. Please be sure to use a 30W or higher adapter to maximize functionality.

◇ [Semiconductor Beltier element / 10 seconds rapid cooling] The smartphone cooler uses semiconductor Beltier element cooling technology, so if you watch or play games for a long time, your smartphone will become hot. It is unique in that it uses a semiconductor cooling method to lower the CPU temperature to around 14℃ in 10 seconds. Low temperatures in summer can protect the battery and extend battery life.

◇ [Magnetic adsorption/clip dual use type] Smartphone cooling is equipped with Magsafe function, so it fits better on iPhone 12 and later. You can use the included grip for iPhone 12 or earlier or Android models. It can also be used with Android mobile models that support wireless charging, so please check if your model is compatible.

◇ [LED temperature display / RGB light effect] Displays the instant temperature of your device with an internal temperature sensor. You can feel the cooling status and decide whether to change the cooling mode or stop cooling depending on the temperature. It is obvious at a glance from the temperature value on the surface of the Peltier element (LED). It also has RGB lights on during operation, making the game more immersive.

◇ [Lightweight & Ultra-quiet Design] Smartphone cooling fan has a compact size of approximately 9x6x3CM, small and lightweight, so your hands won't get tired even when playing games for a long time. The silent design suppresses noise generation, and there is almost no rotating sound, so you don't have to worry about it affecting the sound of dramas or games.
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