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[New arrival in 2023] Belt fan, seat fan, 10000mAh, large capacity, powerful, 5way

[New arrival in 2023] Belt fan, seat fan, 10000mAh, large capacity, powerful, 5way

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Product Features:
◇ [2023 Latest Version - Sitting & Neck Fan] The latest 3-way waist belt fan designed in 2023 flows the air taken in from the fan between your body and clothes, creating a cool and comfortable environment. Just hook the clip part on your body to your pants belt! This is a jet fan that cools you down by drawing in air from the fan and flowing it between your body and clothes! It also has a lightweight design, weighing only about 239g. You won't feel stressed or tired even when using it for a long time.

◇ [Simple and easy to use] HD LED screen displays air volume and power in real time! You can instantly enjoy a comfortable strong wind experience by adjusting the wind speed in 5 steps. The air volume and power amount are displayed numerically on the digital display, so you can see the remaining battery level at a glance, so you can quickly tell when the battery is low.

◇【Built-in 10000mAh large capacity battery! Can be operated continuously for a long time] The fan has a built-in 10000mAh large capacity lithium battery, and can be used continuously for about 24 hours in 1-stage mode, and about 12 hours in strong wind mode. If you are working in high places such as construction or construction, a fall prevention strap is included to prevent you from dropping it when putting it on or taking it off, and the entire fan is made of impact-resistant ABS resin that won't break easily even if dropped.

◇ [Useful in various situations] Specially developed for people who work in high temperature environments! A USB rechargeable belt fan that can be attached to your belt! It is very useful as a heat stroke prevention product at construction sites, kitchens, agricultural work, delivery work, inside factories, warehouses, watching sports, golf, festivals, outdoor activities, etc. You can easily deal with the upcoming heat wave!
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