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[Set of 4] LED bulb E26 motion sensor 12W LED bulb 120W type equivalent LED lighting equipment

[Set of 4] LED bulb E26 motion sensor 12W LED bulb 120W type equivalent LED lighting equipment

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Product Features:
◇ [Includes a motion sensor & automatically turns on/off] LED light bulb with a motion sensor that turns on the light by detecting a person's body temperature. LED light bulbs with motion sensors are items that automatically turn on when someone approaches, and turn off when no one is around. By replacing it with a regular LED bulb, you can prevent forgetting to turn off the light. Not only does it save you the trouble of looking for a switch in the dark, but it also has the convenience of automatically turning on even if your hands are full with luggage, and it also has safety benefits such as preventing falls at night.

◇ [Light/dark sensor function & save electricity bill] Equipped with a light/dark sensor function, the sensor detects the light and turns it on for 30 to 40 seconds, then it turns off automatically if no movement is detected. It's about 1W per day. If you consider the electricity bill on a monthly basis, it's around 10 yen, so you don't need to worry about it that much. Note: The infrared sensor bulb is equipped with a light/dark sensor function, so it will not turn on unless it is in a dark environment. Also, when you attach the light bulb to the E26 stand, it is normal for the light to turn on for a moment and then go out. The light will turn on as soon as it detects human movement.

◇ [Wide detection range & easy installation] Uses a high-performance sensor that lights up at a distance of 0-3m both in the direction across and in the direction directly in front of you. The reaction speed allows even slight movements to be detected instantly. Simply screw into standard E26 lamp holders or luminaires, no wiring or additional motion detection equipment required, simply replace existing light bulbs with sensor-operated lights.

◇ [Useful in a variety of situations] Used in kitchens, hallways, stairs, warehouses, basements, garages, toilets, entrances, and other places where automatic lighting sensors are required. It is also recommended as a night light or security light, and can be used in a variety of daily life situations.

Note: When purchasing a light bulb, please check the base, type, and whether or not it is compatible with dimmers and sealed appliances. It may not be possible to use it depending on the installation location and lighting equipment.
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